Pfalz D.IIIa
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  • 1:48 Pfalz D. IIIa
  • On that day Cobby was approaching the Australian front line at feet with a formation of seventeen Sopwith Camels. He saw four Pfalz scouts trying to cross the line with the obvious intention of attacking Allied balloons.

    Three of them turned back on sighting the Camels, but one, piloted by Unteroffizier Max Mertens continued on and dived on the balloon at Hazebrouck. Cobby states "I dived east to cut him off when he saw me and tried to get away, but i got on his tail and put a hundred rounds into him from point-blank range and he crashed into the forest of Nieppe on our side of the lines".

    Pfalz from 'The Blue Max' movie

    On reaching the aircraft, Cobby discovered that there was something extraordinary in the manner of the pilot's clothing. Download Low Res Image. Order a copy. Share this page.

    1:48 Pfalz D. IIIa

    III was received with mixed reactions from the Jasta pilots when it entered front line service in September The maneuverability was excellent but performance in other areas was lacking when compared to its contemporary the Albatros D. One area which raised much concern was the internal gun arrangement which made clearing a jam particularly inconvenient during combat.

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    Part way through the initial production run of the D. III the specifications were altered to include a tailplane of larger cord and raising the guns so they were mounted externally, thereby creating the improved D. Unfortunately not a single Pfalz D.

    III or D. IIIa survives to this day. Any history here is of necessity very brief, therefore we encourage you to seek out any, or all, of the reference books mentioned below for a more thorough understanding of this important aircraft.

    IIIa D. IIIa hp m ft Armament: 2x 7. Early kg lb — Late kg lb. III June — May Daimler-Mercedes D.

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