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Finger Lickin' Fifteen
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And the other moron had a hold of this man in a suit. And whack! No head. The head popped off its neck and bounced down the street. And I know I looked real surprised. And then I laid down about two feet of rubber and took off. I came straight here. Holy cow. Holy shit. I really need a doughnut. Joe Morelli is a Trenton plainclothes cop, and Lula is right about Morelli being a hottie, but Lula is wrong about Morelli belonging to me.

Morelli and I have had an off-and-on relationship for as long as I can remember, and we are currently off. Connie dialed into the police band, and we listened for a couple minutes to see if we could pick up anything to do with decapitation.

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The Sunshine Hotel is a roach farm that rents rooms by the hour. No one coming or going from the Sunshine Hotel would ever report anything to anyone. Blood shot out like one of them oil gushers. I guess I need to tell the police, but I only want Morelli.

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Morelli was actually six foot tall and solid muscle, but Lula used to be engaged to a guy who was a cross between an Army tank and Sasquatch, so I suppose by comparison Morelli might measure up short. Through thick and through thin. And before that, too. Remember when I rescued you from that big snake in the mobile home?

And what about when we were lost in the Pine Barrens? And Ranger found us in the Pine Barrens. Twenty minutes later, Morelli sauntered in to the bonds office. He was dressed in jeans and running shoes, a blue-button down shirt that was open at the neck, and a navy blazer. He looked entirely edible and a little wary. Okay, so I was no longer interested in Morelli. I have naturally curly shoulder-length brown hair that was currently pulled back into a ponytail.

Morelli always thought my best feature was located considerably lower on my body.

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Morelli shifted his attention to Lula. And blood came out of him like he was a fountain. I think my hand might even be shaking.

Look at my hand. Is it shaking? Morelli stared down at his shoe. Hard to tell if he was trying hard not to laugh or if he was getting a migraine.

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After a five-count, he took out his cell phone, called dispatch, and sent a uniform to the Sunshine Hotel. I need a BFF. Like I was a huge, unfathomable pain in the ass, and in fact maybe that was how he felt about women in general right now.

Lula and I followed Morelli in my ten-year-old Ford Escort that used to be blue. There were already two cruisers angled into the curb in front of the Sunshine Hotel when Lula and I arrived. I parked, and Lula and I got out and stood next to Morelli and a couple uniforms.

We all looked down at a red splotch that sprayed out over about a four-foot diameter. A couple smaller splotches trailed off the big splotch, and I assumed that was where the head had hit the pavement. I felt a wave of nausea slide through my stomach, and I started to sweat. There was a big gusher of blood when they whacked the head off. It was like Old Faithful going off, only it was blood.

The uniforms all did a grimace, Morelli was impassive, and I threw up. NYPD Red 4. Stay the Night.

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